Explaining the Flag


The Black American Unity Flag represents our ancestors journey from Africa to America. The ships colors red, black, and green represent the motherland Africa sailing to the red, white, and blue America. The UNITY-SHIP is in the center. The unity ship should not be viewed as a slave ship. (We want to look at the positive in everything). The ship symbolizes that our ancestors were brought to America on ships, but were united as a people.

They were unified mentally and physically. They were chained together. Today, the chains have been removed from our necks, legs, and wrists, but still remain on our minds. The unity of slaves was one of the strongest bonds in black history. Almost every one of them shared the same view or mindset. Oppressed people always come together. All tribes united on the ships, their differences were set aside.

The same mindset should apply today. The so-called “slave mentality” was not always a bad thing. Especially when that mentality was UNITY for a common cause. We must reclaim that way of thinking. The word UNITY on the ship represents the mindset that is projected. Whenever you see the flag, think Black Unity! Black people working together is Real Black History. History is the window to our future!

The Black American Unity Flag was created to represent a unified mindset amongst Black-Americans. God bless the child who has its own. Black America are you ready for change?


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