To our next leaders, you must commit to Black Unity. The Black American Unity Flag is the torch your generation will carry into the future. Black America should no longer be a race of individuals, we must break this cycle.

The UNITY-SHIP, Get on board!

We respect others' rights. The right to have a flag to represent you is important. We hope our rights are respected as well.


Black-Americans have had an issue with identity for years. We’ve come from being called niggers, to colored, to negro, to black and then decided we were Afro-Americans or African-Americans. The Black American race was created from the slaves that were brought here. Although slaves came from many different countries, Black America is a nation within a nation.

America is our homeland. We have no land of our own. America is the only land most Black-Americans know. The Black-American Unity Flag represents the Black Americans born and raised in America. Being born in America, you can go back to where you were born. You know the language, the traditions, the laws, etc.

Black-Americans are a unique race. Even though we don’t have our own land, we are the most influential race on earth. Every race tries to mimic us in some way. Whether it’s in sports, fashion, swag, slang, music, etc. However, no one imitates our form of racial or economic unity. We must come together!


We must remember Africa is a continent, not a country!

The African Continent has many countries. Some people can trace their DNA back to where their ancestors came from. Most black Americans haven’t researched where their ancestors come from. The inhumane slave auctions contributed to the division of the black family. Most slaves were sold individually. Knowing who you were related to would be very difficult to research.

Everyone will have a different story. Historians agree that Africa is the Mother Land where the human race began. So, no matter where you come from, your ancestors came from Africa.

Black Americans must accept who we are. If you are born in America and you are black, you are an American citizen. You are Black American!

Uniting under one label is the beginning of Black Unity. No matter what you call yourself. Black-American or African-American, WE MUST UNITE! We cannot let a name divide us. James Brown said it best “Say it loud, I’m Black and I’m proud!

 The Black American Unity Flag is a symbol of our PRIDE & UNITY. The Black American Unity Flag is very important to our race. As Black Americans, we must unite! Every race has a flag that represents them and what they stand for. Black America is a nation within a nation. It’s time for us as a people to begin racial and economic unity!

 The Black American Unity Flag represents our ancestor’s journey from Africa to America. We should never forget where we come from. Knowing your past will help to plan your future. The Red, black & green represents our previous flag for liberation. The red, white & blue represents the flag of the United States. The slave ship on the flag will remind us how our ancestors were brought here together in chains and how millions have died on these journeys.

 We must reunite! We can no longer depend on anyone else. Every Black American should respect and support this Black American Unity Flag

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Individuals, churches, organizations or business, connect with us for UNITY in the community. Our products and unity programs can creatively support your cause. Contact us, lets promote UNITY.

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B.A.U.F. is just one key to help our community. The mission is much bigger than us. A strong visual message must connect with similar missions in order to be successful. Partner with us for a stronger community, a united future.

We have accepted a major challenge for our community. A time in our history where division rules around the world. To break this cycle we need strong links to connect with. Without a committed community foundation, UNITY in the community is just words.

unity in the community


"UNITY" doesn't mean we all have to love each other. Let's find a common ground we all can agree on and work together for the good of our race.