Black Unity

Black unity is not about all black people coming together. Our mission is to unite a certain mindset. We don’t expect everyone to understand, or accept it. Some people believe the way things are now is fine. Some of us are realistic. Unity is about survival/self-preservation. Black Americans must start thinking economics, not politics. Politics and religion keep us divided. Do you think the government is setup for us to win?

Black unity is mental first, then we come together financially. When supplies get low Black Americans will be the first to go without. We must have something set aside for ourselves. Do we have a warehouse full of supplies, food, clothing? Black America can afford it. We must first start thinking WE instead of ME if we are going to survive. You don’t have to like someone to do business with them. Do you like everyone on your job now? Our common goal should be UNITY. The Black American Unity Flag should be recognized as a symbol for our race.

Flags represent where you’re from, or a flag can represent a certain mindset or organization. Most schools/colleges have a flag. Black America, it’s time for us to wake up. If only 10% of Black Americans unite, we could change our situation.

Supply and demand, buying and selling legal products to one another. Having our own products will generate money and create jobs. Marching makes history, not money. Supporting our own products makes dollars, and sense. The Asian and Latino communities support their own people and products. The island communities support, and supply their people with their own products. Sadly, most people from other countries come to America and open their own businesses before we do.

Think about it, most of the money we spend on a daily basis leaves our community. Black America’s buying power is nearly a Trillion dollars a year. If we were a country, we would be the 16th richest county on earth. Keeping our money together is the key.

No one speaks about our selling power. Black Americans are mainly consumers. We have to change this! The people who sell, win. People who buy, lose. This is simple economics.

No one owes us anything. We owe it to ourselves to fix our own situation. We can start by putting our minds and money together to help our own. We have been keeping the cemeteries and prisons full long enough.

Let’s start talking about the future. We have black history month. Black history cannot be changed, but Black unity can change our future. We respect our past, but look forward to the future. We must develop a Black-American agenda.

Wealthy blacks should consider investing in the future of your race. When you help our people, you help yourself. Black-America is a great investment.

Keeping our money circulating in our communities is important. Black people must establish trust between one another. The lack of trust stops us from doing business with each other. If we all work together, we all win.

Washington has no plan for Black America. Black leaders need to come together and create an economic plan to revitalize our neighborhoods. Investors will earn a substantial return on their investment. The younger generation has the right idea about buying back the hood! There are positive things happening in the hood, get involved!

Whether we have a flag or not is totally up to us. We don’t require anyone else’s opinion. This decision is for Black America alone. There are many shades of Black Americans. If we support our symbol of black unity, that’s what matters. We are the only civilized race without a flag to represent themselves.

Support the rebirth of Black America.

We are all represented by the BLACK-AMERICAN UNITY FLAG

The UNITY SHIP, get on board!!!