What if we started thinking WE instead of ME?

  • There are approximately 41 million black Americans.
  • If 10% of 41 million spent $1.00 dollar a day on black products that would generate 4.1 million a day
  • 28.7 million A week-we spend 10 times that a year with foreigners in our own communities.

Black people have money, but no unity, no organization. As long as we’re divided we will never change our condition. We give our money and power away daily. When we come together as a people God will surely bless us. “God bless the child that has his own”!

What happens if...?

What if the U.S. Government goes on TV and announces they're broke? No welfare, No unemployment, and No Food stamps! What are people going to do? Do we have a warehouse full of bottled water? Do we a warehouse full of food? Do we a warehouse full of clothes, blankets, fuel? Do we have a warehouse full of medical supplies?

Do we have anything set aside for ourselves?  Most other races can go back to their countries or at least have other resources. Where can we go? Who will help us? Look at the Natural disaster victims, some are still waiting on assistance.

What if we all support the REBIRTH OF BLACK AMERICA? We have the economic power, let’s use it!

What if we really come together as a group? An organization, a people, whatever you want to call us.

Let’s not focus so much on the N word. Yes, it's degrading, (we're not saying you shouldn't be offended.)

What about the U word unemployment, The H word Homeless, the P word Poverty, and the I word Ignorance. The point is this- let’s get our priorities in order. We should be more offended by those other issues.

They say we are free, but have WE really declared our Independence? Are WE really trying to solve our own problems, or are we still dependent?

With God’s blessings and guidance, B.A.U.P. will lay the foundation for the rebirth of Black America. The seed of knowledge has been planted in our minds, it’s up to us to make it grow.

We respect all races. We are NOT prejudiced, but we’re Pro-Black. meaning we love our culture, our people, and our resilience to overcome. We could learn a little from other races. Really, they have the right idea. However, other races look to us for culture. Honestly they study us for their source of income. 

The Black American Unity Flag is one of the first Black products for us as a people. We can utilize this and the message to raise money and create jobs to help ourselves.

What does the Black American Unity Flag design mean?

The Black American Unity Flag represents our ancestor’s journey. This flag is a symbol for us to never forget where we come from. Knowing your past will help to plan the future. As a people, we need money, supplies, and jobs-not politics! 

 All other races have their own flag and country. Example Mexico, China, Japan, Cuba, and Canada to name a few. If they disagree with the laws or what goes on in the U.S. they have the option to go back to their own country.
Black America has no flag or homeland. America is the only home we have. Black America is a nation within a nation.

The Black American Unity Flag is a symbol of our race Pride and Unity.

Every Black American should rally behind the flag when we march. When we protest, when we celebrate, we should be carrying our flag. This will show the world we have Unity & Pride! The flag will be Black America’s logo or symbol for Unity. “Remember the confederate flag is alive and well”. It is over 150 years old. 



We at B.A.U.P. feel it’s time for a change. History shows doing the same things over and over, yield the same results. Black America must change their way of thinking. Our mission includes introducing the Black American Unity Flag (B.A.U.F.) to the world as a symbol of Unity for Black America. We want this flag and products to establish and promote pride amongst Black Americans.The message of the Black Unity is much deeper than the flag. Unity is the ONLY solution for our race, or any race. We as a people must come together. We have to respect ourselves before we can expect others to respect us!

Our mission includes

  • Creating products to generate money and jobs to help Black America's economic situation.

  • Create a platform to start positive conversation about racial and economic unity.

  • To teach the advantages of the Unity to our youth. It’s very important that our children are taught the power of UNITY early in their lives. The children must grow up with a UNITY mindset.

Black Unity is a must for us to prosper as a people. Don’t you think Black America has earned the right to have its own flag and identity? The evolution of Black America has had some positive results, but we still have a long way to go. God has blessed us with many historical events. From the civil rights movement, to having a black president.

20 years ago, no one would have believed we would have seen a Black person in the white house. The Black American Unity Flag is the next step in our evolution. Black Americans are the only civilized race without a flag to represent us.